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+How do I locate new deviation submissions on deviantART?+ ......英本文
    Simply click on the 'browse' button, located above the search, next to the deviantART header.

+ deviantARTでは新しい投稿デビエーションをどうやって探せばよいですか? +

+Today's deviation+

Aldranon of Winter by ~HorseLips on deviantART
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+Why can I only see mature content submitted by myself and others while I am logged in?+    ......英本文

Please be advised that Mature Content will not be viewable while logged out or to those who have it set to hide, as to prevent minors from viewing something they possibly should not.

+ 何故、自身や誰かが投稿した成人向けコンテンツをログインしている間しか閲覧できないのでしょうか? +


+Today's deviation+
関連タグ : deviantART, FAQ, 閲覧, 成人向け, deviations, Animation, #669,
+I uploaded a static or animated .GIF file but it only shows the preview. Why is this?+    ......英本文

Please be advised that static or animated .GIF files over 150 px X 150 px will only be full viewable by clicking on the 'Download' link to the left of the deviation.

+ GIFフォーマットの静止画やアニメーションをアップロードしたのですが、プレビューしか表示しません。何故でしょうか? +

150 px X 150 pxを超えるGIFフォーマットの静止画やアニメーションは、デビエーションの左にある「Download」リンクをクリックしない限り、完全に閲覧することはできません。御承知おき下さい。

+Today's deviation+

.veritas.public.beta by ~kal-el84 on deviantART
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+I submitted a deviation or scrap and deviantART did not keep my images original dimensions. Why is this?+    ......英本文
When submitting very large dimensioned images to deviantART we will automatically resize it for you. This is done to not only speed up loaad times for your viewers but to make viewing more pleasant.

If you would not like this done for you, you can disable this option after submitting your file to your file deck, by selecting to keep the original size from the drop down menu
located below your file deck.

+ デビエーションやスクラップを投稿したのですが、deviantARTでは原寸大サイズで表示されません。何故でしょうか? +



+Today's deviation+

thinking by ~zuttooo on deviantART
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