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+Today's deviantART sentence+
How do I toggle the 'My Friends' box from showing on my user page?
Go to your Edit Profile page and click on the User Page Display section, once there the option will be on the left hand side entitled 'Display My Friends', you will need to select from the drop down next to it "yes" or "no", once done press 'OK'.

This is a subscriber only feature.

ユーザーページの「My Friends」欄の公開非公開を切り替えるにはどうすればよいですか?
Edit Profile#EditProfile<プロフィール編集>ページにアクセスし、User Page Display#UserPageDisplay<ユーザーページの表示>タブをクリックして、左側の「Display My Friends」と題されたオプションのドロップダウンから「yes」か「no」を選択する必要があります。その後「OK」を押してください。


+Today's deviation+

Little Sunshine of the woods by ~dreamleaf on deviantART
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+What is an Official deviantART Beta Tester? How do I become one?+    ......英本文
The Official deviantART Beta Tester program is a team whose membership is available to subscribers. OBT is a group of people who have chosen to beta test new features before they have been released to the general public and help us track down any problems which may still exist.

Due to the size of the deviantART community, often times it is difficult to ensure that a new feature will work successfully for as many community members as possible. We try our best with the people who assist with administrative functions, but this is still a very small group in comparison to the size of the community.

Therefore OBT members try out pre-release versions of new features and provide feedback if they encounter any problems. This in turn assists us greatly in correcting any and all problems which might occur, before the update is launched to the general public.

If you would like to become an Official deviantART Beta Tester; make sure you have an active subscription, then visit your Settings page and click the appropriate checkbox in the Official Beta Tester section.

+ Official deviantART Beta TesterdeviantART公式βテスター>とはどの様なものであり、どうすればなれるでしょうか? +

Official deviantART Beta Testerプログラムは、寄付会員であることが参加資格のチームです。 OBTは、一般にリリースされる前に新機能をベータテストし、依然として存在するあらゆる問題を探し出す事に協力することを選んだ人々のグループです。



あなたがOfficial deviantART Beta Testerになりたいならば、自分が有効な寄付会員であるかどうかを確認し、それからSettings page<設定ページ>にアクセスして、Official Beta Testerセクションで適切なチェックボックスをクリックして下さい。

+Today's deviation+

egress by ~Amuletz on deviantART
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