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+Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?+    ......英本文
You are allowed to use any valid stock resources providing that you obey the terms and conditions set by the stock provider.

For works which are not valid stock resources you must first obtain a license or other proper permission for use. Information on permissions and providing them is detailed elsewhere in the FAQ

You may also use materials governed by a Creative Commons license providing that you obey the terms of the licensing.

Failure to obey all of the required Terms and Conditions or License requirements attached to the stock may result in the removal of your submission.

+ 投稿物に、他の誰かによって作成されたものを使用することはできますか? +



許可や提供に関する情報はFAQの他の場所で詳述されます。また、あなたがライセンスの諸規約に従うならば、クリエイティブコモンズ[Creative Commons]によって管理される素材も使用できるでしょう。



+Today's deviation+

Mechanical Spider Attack by ~arsenixc on deviantART
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【Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?】    ......英本文
Please be aware that not all websites are considered legitimate stock imagery resources. Only the legal owner of the imagery has the ability to offer the work as a stock resource- if the 'stock' website includes images taken from print or film, or includes photographs featuring celebrities or supermodels then you may rest assured that it is not a valid resources site. Likewise "Render" websites are not valid stock sources as they offer copyrighted materials which have been cut apart and which are offered by people without the legal right to do so.

Also be aware that the lack of obvious copyright information does not imply that the imagery is free for use. Always assume that everything you see is copyright protected by default.


また、明白な著作権情報の欠如が、イメージ使用の自由を意味しないと言うことを承知していて下さい。 常に、あなたが見るあらゆるものが、デフォルトで著作権保護されていると看して下さい。

+Today's deviation+

Snow Island by *Anuk on deviantART
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